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tv   [untitled]    September 27, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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>> good evening, welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday, september 25, september 12th. could you call the roll? >> avoles >> come pose?
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>> present. >> president chu. >> present. >> supervisor chu? >> supervisor chu? >> present. coen? >> present. >> present, >> ferrell. >> present. >> marr. >> olague. >> absent. >> present. >> supervisor wiener. present. >> all members are present. >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, please join any in the pledge of allegiance. >> clerk, are there any
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communication? s >>s i have no communications mr. president. >> and could you read our consent agenda. >> items one through seven will be acted on by a single roll call vote. unless someone wants to discuss a matter it will be removed and spoke of separately. >> anything none, could you call the role on items one through sfn. chu, aye. >> coen? >> aye. >> cohen, aye. alsbernd. aye. nfarrell aye. >> come pose, aye, president chu. >> aye >> there are seven ayes. those are passed, item eight. >> an ordinance amending the
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code >> vote on item eight? >> supervisor chu. >> no. >> cohen? >> aye. >> als burned? >> no. >> far el. >> no. >> kim. >> aye. >> marr? >> aye,. >> olague. aye >> weiner? >> aye. >> come pose aye. >> there are eight ayes and three nos. >> the ordinance is passed. >> 9 is amending the business and tax regulations police and planning codes, for local properties.
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>> >> item nine. chu. aye. >> cohen? >> aye. >> elsrend. aye. >> mar, aye. >> olague aye. >> winer aye. >> >> aye. come pose, aye. >> president chu. aye. >> there are eleven eyes. >> the ordinance is finally passed. >> next item. >> item ten, ordinance amending the planning code to permit existing gasoline and service stations located on 19th avenue to provide a mechanical car wash on the same site. >> colleagues, call. this ordinance is finally passed. >> item eleven is amending the park code to appeal the
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prohibition of peoples from soliciting in did designated areas for which an event is in progress. >> colleagues, in the same call? >> the ordinance is finally passed. >> item 12? >> an ordinance amending the building code to reduce the building rerequirements for structure and buildings pursuant to the code. >> we have ongoing discussion and i am cautiously optimistic that we will be able to come to a compromise that will allow us to move forward and explore this type of housing and so i want to think the folks who have been involved and with that, i would like to... i do move to continue this to november, 13th, if that is tuesday. i think that it is november
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13th. >> supervisor weiner has made a motion to continue to november 13th >> any objection? >> november the 13th it will be. >> item clerk could you call 13, 14. >> 13 is an ordinance aprop ating $543,200,200 for the proceeds from the sale of bonds for the capitol improvement. item 14, airport capitol plan bonds. >> this ordinance is passed on the first reading and the resolution is adopted. item 15, >> approving and authorizing the lease to the union square garage with the city and uptown parking corporation. >> this is adopted.
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>> 16. >> authorizing the department of public health to extend a grant in the amount of $748,000 for the centers of disease control for a program entitled the stop study, for the period of june, 15, 2012, through june 14, 2013. >> same house, same call, this is adopted. >> 17. >> resolution authorizing the office of contract administration to enter into a fifth amendment between the en point technology sales, from 38.5 million to 54.1 million. >> same call, adopted. >> authorizing the office of contract administration to increase the limit from 51.5 million to $67.9 million. >> same house, same call? >> this resolution is adopted. >> authorizing the office of
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contract station to enter intoed third amendment between the city and cct technologies increasing the limit from 24.5 million to 24.5 million. >> same house, same call. >> this resolution is adopted. next item. >> item 20, amending the park restrictions between the hours. >> thank you, president chu. before us today is a piece of legislation that our office has been working on for quite some time. this is an issue dealing with oversized vehicle parking in the city, of san francisco. and we have been dealing with issues around oversized vehicle parking for quite some time in 2007 when i first came on board it was an issue that many of our neighbors had expressed much concern about, over the years, for the last 5 years, we have been working very closely with the police department with the mta to try to figure out a
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way to do better enforcement to work on the 72-hour enforcement notice that is already on the books and what we have found despite the best efforts that it has been a very spotty enforcement mechanism. this legislation is simple piece of legislation and is meant for the mta to have additional deal with impacted areas. what it is, simply, is a restriction, or allowing the mta to apply a restriction to over night parking for oversized vehicles, defined as over 22 feet in length or 7 feet in height. camp trailers, fifth wheel travel trailers, house cars, trailer coaches, mobiler homes, recreational vehicles, or semitrailers as defined by the california vehicle code and the restriction between the hours of 12 a.m. to 6 a.m.. >> again these are not locations are not something that would be decided upon by the board of supervisors, but would be something that the mta through their board would be
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able to determine in terms of finding out where the chronically impacted areas are. >> we have explored many options with the mta. at first there was a conversation as to whether or not do a city wide restriction, we thought that was a restriction that was onerou s and we wanted to do this on a case by case basis where we see the chronic problems across the city and the 24 hours notice does not work and we have seen this time and time again in neighborhoods. there say focus on the individuals who are living in the vehicle, but this is a significant parking issue even outside of that. you can't just simply remove the rvs from the equation or campers because they are part of the parking issue that we are talking about here. and we did an mta parking analysis and found that out of 208 vehicles, they did a quick look at where those vehicles are registered, 121 of them,
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more than half of them were actually registered in san francisco to a san francisco physical address. and only 24 of those were actually parked within a quarter mile distance, so i think that there is a very serious problem with parking issues. and i hope that you will be supportive of it. this was an item that did go before the committee on last monday. it was voted out unanimously by that committee. since that time, we have heard a number of concerns that have been expressed and working with supervisor to address those issues, i would hope for your support on this item. >> president chu. >> thank you, colleagues, first of all i want to thank our colleagues supervisor chu and cohen for educating all of us on an issue that is quite an intense issue in their districts although, probably not as intense an issue in my district, for example. i want to thank all of the work and i do understand that the committee did move this out
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with full recommendation, unanimously. i want to take a moment to acknowledge the concerns that have been raised by advocates for the homeless, in our city. and i know that there are different manifestations ofthies you. but i think to try to deal with some of the complexities of that colleagues, i have circulated an amendment that we have discussed with several colleagues and i want to thank supervisor chu for her impact and feedback on these amendments. the amendments would essentially do two things, first of all because it will take a little bit of time for city agencies to think about how this could be implemented in a way that would ensure that individuals who are currently homeless, who are vehiclely housed, can hopefully transition into our social service system. i do understand that it will take some time for the mayor's office on housing opportunity partnership and engagement to resolve that. and i want to take a moment and
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thanks dufty our former colleague here for the work that he has done on this and i know that he has to moving this forward. so in that regard, colleagues, i would suggest, really two changes, one is to have the effective date in this legislation, or the operative date be pushed to march the first, 2013, to give a number of months for these program details to be worked out. and then secondly, the amendments that i have layout what we are asking the mayor's office on hope, which is the office on housing opportunity partnership and engagement to do in the next couple of months to prepare for this ordinance going into effect. first, we would ask the mayor's office in conjunction with the mta to conduct an assessment of over-sized vehicles and collect, census and dem graphic information.
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we have heard the challenges of information who are forced to move from a certain spot and what happens to their rv. so we want to look at a variety of options. i do understand that there is potentially an option on treasure island. but i know that mr. dufty will be looking at other possibilities in different parts of the city. >> thirdly, my amendment would state that the mayor's office will track the transition of individuals to city services, once this legislation goes into effect, and then, lastly, we are going to ask the mayor's office and the mta to come back to the board in three months on findings related to these various items. so that we understand how this ordinance will be implemented and done in a way that is respectful and takes into account the real needs of individuals who are living in vehicles. and so, colleagues, i ask for your support for these amendments and with these amendments i do plan to support
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the underlying ordinance. >> colleagues we have a motion by president chu. >> and a second by supervisor chu. and we do want to acknowledge our former colleague dufty who is back in chambers, supervisor co-hen. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon, everyone, thank you for joining us for a very exciting meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. today i have joined co-sponsor ship because this is an issue that is extremely important for not just district four but for the entire part of san francisco particularly for district ten. and i kid you not, there is not one issue that has not galvanized the same amount of support, meaning, bay view, and dog patch, rarely these neighborhoods agree on one thing, but today on this item we are in agreement and i would like to thank supervisor chu for her efforts in this legislation, as i mentioned earlier in my comments, we have
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a number of areas throughout the district that do not have parking restrictions particularly in district ten and this has led to problems with a number of over-sized and abandoned vehicles, many of which accumulate graffiti, and obstruct pedestrian crosses and forces of bliet on the neighborhood. and in evaluating this proposal, my office discussed this legislation with a number of merchants and neighbors, as well as the american office of homelessness and of course, our mta and our former supervisor dufty and what we have heard from all corners of the district and dog patch, is and bay view is that they are in support of this legislation, because it is a pilot program that recognizes the impacts that these vehicles have our neighborhoods and also takes into consideration and accommodates those who may be living in their vehicles. now the study that supervisor chu referenced also indicates that there are 150 vehicles that are just make their home inside district ten and i would
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argue that this is almost a social justice issue. because what you find are people who are wealthy enough and own these vehicles actually don't park them in their own neighborhoods they actually park them on the southeastern side of the city in my neighborhoods and so, forgive me if i come across a little im passionate about it. i am tired of my neighborhood being the dump and the home of polluting power plants. enough is enough. this is an opportunity that we can begin to come together and clean up the streets. now, we are also talking about a health concern here. we are talking about vehicles that don't have hook ups. i am talking about human ex-crament in the streets on the sidewalks, no one needs to live like this and it is unbelievable and unhealth and i
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am an enthusiastic co-sponsor. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you, i wanted to thank my colleagues for bringing this legislation. but also, in the committee, many of the residents of people that have been forced to live in their vehicles came out and testified so we have been working behind the scenes to try to figure out ways to identify and gather data on the number of families to individuals that live in large-sightsed vehicles. i think that is a key issue that i am really appreciative of dufty but also supervisor chu for allowing a 6-month period so we can gather that data and get that information but also to identify key spaces in the city where large vehicles could be stored. but also, identify additional services, if people would give up their vehicles, or if they park in other areas where they could be located. i did want to reiterate one of the points that supervisor
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co-enmade. i know that there are 74 of these vehicles that are on long the street in my neighborhood as well. but the lion shares of vehicles are in districts 4, 6 and 10. but it is clear by the mapping done by the mta. this has been a year-long process that chu and her staff have worked oi know that the commercial vehicles and the bliet are the particular issue. my hope is that the amendments by chu and supervisor chu it allows us to understand that human element and to define those services for the many people. i think that it was estimated by the coalition on homelessness that it is at least 165 people based on the 2011 homeless count. so my hope is that there is six months and has written in the amendment, this will give time to find some ways to address the needs of those people that are forced to live in those vehicles. some supportive of the legislation and appreciative of the amendments that have been
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proposed. >> supervisor olague. >> i have looked at this. it is definitely an issue in district five, also. so i think that it is an issue that definitely city-wide it has a lot of impacts. i do have some questions because i believe that the mta, is the mta representative here? >> they are coming. >> yes. >> i am with the sfmta. >> i guess, one of the questions that i have is what laws do you have in place currently to address this issue? >> there are several supervisor olague. >> the 72-hour rule which is city-wide, you cannot leave a vehicle standing for more than 72 hours at any specific place at a time. another one would be the no
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parking between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. for commercial vehicles in residential areas. and that is every day, plus, one hour limit during the rest of the time. and the third one is the habitation in vehicles, which is in the police code. and enforced directly by the police department. >> so, i guess my question is, how do you plan to enforce this... how do you plan to enforce this? >> well, we plan to work very closely with the residents as well as the officers of the supervisors to provide us input on the locations that have the greatest need. and we are not going to be doing this as supervisor chu mentioned earlier city-wide but only on a case by case basis when there is a significant impact. and once that is in place, then we will do some out-reach as well as target those specific
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areas for that type of enforcement. >> so then basically it is complaint-driven, then that... >> not necessarily because once we put it in, we will know the locations that we have originally planned and also, figure that it is a problem area, we will be watching it more closely than previously. and also it gives us a tool to kind of directly go in and enforce, instead of having to chalk the vehicle and come back and have it parked and then come back in two to three days before ascertaining that it has not moved. >> i guess one of my concerns is, i am definitely going to support the legislation. i did have some amendments that i wanted to introduce that i believe that the city attorney were too substantial to be considered today. so i will read them if i have support of them. >> is it another situation sort of like... where you are just moving the problem around? >> do you know what i mean?
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>> now we have a sign here because we have considered these problem areas. are we creating problem areas someplace else? >> you are exactly right. we have to choose those locations very judiciously and deliberately, this is a pilot and we will see the impacts as to whether or not the changes will shift the problem from one location to another. >> okay. i just wanted to get your sense of things, that is all. >> well, i will go ahead and read my amendment and see if there is support or not. to park a commercial vehicle for over 22 feet in length, or 7 feet in height or camp trailers, 5th wheel trailers, coaches, mobiler homes, and recreation vehicles or semitrailers as defined by the california vehicle code and health and safety code between the hours of 12 a.m. and 6 a.m.
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when signs are posted giving notice. the mayor's office on homelessness, in conjunction with the municipal transit agency shall assess how many vehicles are inhabited and collect demographic information and study the impact this legislation will have on those inhabiting vehicles including any unintended consequences of the legislation. this includes impact on other neighbors without signage, potential of losing vehicles to tow yard due to non-payment of fines and more. mta shall assess the possibility of opening parking lots in those same neighborhoods and creating partnerships with private entities to allow parking on private lots which are currently closed during the day. additionally, there shall be an assessment made of the capacity for the city to provide housing and support services for those individuals and families with
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children that choose to avail themselves with such resources. the mayor's office on homelessness and mta shall report to the board of supervisors and the findings on the items in the section within 90 days of the implementation of this ordinance. the implementation of this ordinance as it implies on the vehicles shall be contingent on the out come of the report and the programs and services put in to place in order to address any potential findings that concern homeless family and individuals and subject to board approval. >> supervisor olague has made a motion. >> is there a second? >> further suggestion in >> avaros? >> thank you, president chu. i actually have copies of amendment that i thought was going to be proposed by olague that is different than what was read into the record and i want
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to support your amendment. if you have a written version that i could. >> yeah i am going to get some. >> i could look at? because i think that there is some aspects of it that i have that kind of contradict what you just talked about. and i just speak generally, my feeling about the amendments. >> you can speak to the amendments but obviously they impact the entire ordinance, go ahead. >> i actually live in a district, 11, where we have a large number of over-sized vehicles and they are in the in any particular area, at least you might see concentrations along moscow street. alamony street. geneva and also commercial vehicles scattered throughout the greater parts of district 11. and if we are going to apply signs to limit commercial vehicles or oversized vehicles in general we will have to put
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signs on every block of district 11 and it seems unreal to me that we would actually be able to do that. in fact my office has worked for a number of years ever since i was been in office about how to deal with this seemingly im trackable problem of vehicles that are parked on our residential street that gets tagged and graffitis on a daily basis. it is a bliet to our neighborhood and it has been raised by people in my district and great work that the people have done in my district. but i don't see that we are going to apply signs in every block in my district to make this happen. i also have concerns that we are actually a big part of this legislation, is targeting people who are homeless or living in their cars, living in vehicles. and we don't understand the total impacts of that. so i know that we have legislation, or amendments that are addressing that issue.
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but i truly do believe that there are really great unintended consequences that are effecting very low-income people, people bho have no money whatsoever who are living in their homes because they have no choice. i feel uncomfortable about putting in legislation that could be so broad in its approach. to me, the issue of oversized vehicles is the primarily issue. we have vehicles that are over 7 feet tall. are over-sized vehicles that are 22 feet in length and they are bringing bliet to our neighborhoods. we have legislation that just the size of the vehicles without looking at trying to look specifically at issues of the people who are living in their homes. i think that it is a better approach to doing this and could achieve the same effect where we are not actually looking at targeting people who are homeless. i do believe and we we have a responsibility to help to find housing but also is that we have a humane approach about how we tend to their needs when
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they are life life living in their cars. we need the city to do something about the oversized vehicles parked in our residential areas, but maybe this might not be the best approach that we have to move forward on. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. i wanted to take a moment to remind everyone in the chamber that earlier this year in july, we passed a pretty healthy budget that gave a considerable amount of money to the homeless coalition, particularly i would like to remind people that we are talking about $5 million over two years that will not only help with out reach, those that want to be housed and helped. but also we are also constantly looking at more affordable options to house vehiclely housed families. and persons and individuals. an


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